Yoni Mozeson on Marketing-Video

At Ogilvy, Yoni Mozeson helped big companies like Huggies out shine Pampers and Duracell leap over Eveready. Yoni’s work won him many industry awards, especially awards for effectiveness in advertising. Yoni’s on-the-mark marketing ideas brought in huge profits for his clients. After 10 years at Ogilvy, Yoni started his own marketing/social marketing firm, Mozeson & Associates, in which he applied his expert strategic thinking to smaller clients. Yoni calls his strategic thinking The MindPrint.


With Mozeson & Associates, and his experience with major global brands, combined with his knowledge of the Jewish community, Yoni attracted many high profile non-profit organizations, for which his marketing campaigns helped raise millions. Among those who benefited were Nefesh b’Nefesh and OneFamily. One of his campaigns forced the hand of the President of the United States (against US troops on the Golan Heights).

Yoni tells us:

Study after study shows that we make purchase decision based on emotions. Then, we search for rational reasons to justify our emotional decision. Which means that effective marketing for your product or service depends on finding the emotional triggers that speak to the true desires and concerns of your audience. When you connect to them in such a meaningful way you gain their trust and your are able to change the nature of their relationship to your product or service to one of:

“I want that. I need that.”

I call this process of identifying and tapping into gut-level-emotions:

MindPrint Marketing.

A 5 minute presentation on the advantages of marketing that emotionally connects to your audience. Otherwise known as mindprintmarketing. See mindprintmarketing.com

video title=”Yoni Mozeson on marketing that emotionally connects to your audience, JBNF Networking event October 28, 2014 Jerusalem, Israel” link=”https://vimeo.com/111029955″ size=”500×375″ width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”

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