What is a JBNF Meeting like?

JBNF business networking at meetings

A typical Jerusalem Business Networking Forum (JBNF) meeting starts off and ends with networking. People arrive and begin speaking to others, until we begin the formal part of the meeting. At the beginning of each JBNF presentation, 2-3 members of the membership in attendance are invited at random, to give a short elevator-pitch about themselves and their business endeavors.

Next, one to three speakers give a short presentation ( 20-30 minutes) on a topic that is relevant to our membership, but ultimately relates to the growth of business in the greater Jerusalem area. Finally, a short question and answer session is moderated by one of the members of the JBNF Executive Team.

JBNF business networking at meetings

To learn more about our events, you can take a look at some of our past events here. There is no attendance requirement and you may attend as many or as few of these monthly presentations as you like.

Like with all networking events, the magic usually happens before and after the event. Our formal presentations are kept short, in order to allow for the maximum amount of networking time.