JBNF-Star2DmeStar3dme.com CEO & Founder, Kenneth Dukofsky wrote award-winning screenplays that were optioned by Hollywood Studios and produced a TV Talk show until he made a visit to Israel and was offered an amazing opportunity to create iTV applications. He was forever hooked on technology and became deeply involved with new media technologies.



“JBNF has been my support group and go-to network for all of my business needs, ” said Kenneth Dukofsky. ‘They have invited the right guest lecturer exactly when I was ready for that new challenge. I was able to create a startup from scratch and launched it single-handedly.’”

“Star3dme’s core business is making people the star of “GameMercials”. We get you watching commercials again because they star someone you care about. Our system is fully functional, but to reach a higher scale we still need to create a Star3DMe Kiosk.”


  • We have an agreement with the world’s largest chain of malls and will soon be servicing 150 of their U.S. malls.
  • A major toy company wants to do their new product toy launches through us.
  • A Fortune 100 company has asked us to perform our services at a consumer fair.
  • Deloitte has accepted us into their start-up program.
  •  Our proof of concept pilot in mall was successful.
  • IBM has accepted us into their business partner program.
  • Seedcamp selected us as one of the world’s best start-ups.
  • An Israeli law firm offers us services for equity.