TenCure CEO & Founder of BioTen Pharma Ltd, Dr.Tamar Tennenbaum MD, PhD. is an established biotech entrepreneur, a physician, and a scientist specializing in discovery and development of innovative pharmaceuticals, addressing major medical needs in the field of Dermatology and Oncology. Prior to TenCure, Dr. Tennenbaum was the CEO of HealOr (2002-2011), a company she founded as a spin out of her academic career. Under her leadership, the company has developed into a clinical stage company, with a versatile portfolio and a robust patent position. As the CEO of HealOr, Dr. Tennenbaum played a key role in raising over $40 million in venture funds for HealOr, advancing the robust patent position of the company; with more than 130 patents submitted and more than 35 patents granted. Dr. Tennenbaum is an acknowledged specialist in skin physiology and cancer pathology, gene therapy, and PKC signaling. She is the laureate of prestigious awards and grants, as well as the author of over 50 scientific publications and book chapters in peer reviewed journals.



“As a Jerusalemite entrepreneur, who cares for the future of the city and its economic development, I appreciate the importance of initiatives like JBNF. Personally, even though I’m experienced with startups and entrepreneurships, I found the professional events organized by JBNF to be original and useful. In addition, JBNF offers an extraordinary opportunity for partnering and collaborating with other professionals and entrepreneurs, and I hope that together we will bring a true change to the biobusiness environment in Jerusalem.”

On TenCure:

TenCure (founded on Sept. 2012) is a biopharmaceutical startup which is located in the Hi-Tech Village in Hebrew University, Jerusalem. The company develops innovative class of cancer therapeutics, and has set a goal to build a sustainable product pipeline with a specific therapeutic focus on cancer pathologies which do not respond to current drug treatments. The development program at TenCure is focused on a new target invention based on a new Mechanism of Action (MOA) which represents an exciting breakthrough in understanding the pathology of cancer.

TenCure had already identified drug candidates which deactivate these targets to block cancer cell proliferation, and dramatically eradicate tumor formation and progression to malignancy. Evidently, TenCure’s revolutionary technology focused on the development of personalized medicines  that will transform the current therapeutic approach in oncology.

Contact Dr Tennenbaum via her website: http://www.tamarten.co.il/

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