The JBNF team is always planning the next event and searching for speakers and panelist who can offer JBNF members valuable information. In addition, we are planning to offer new workshops that give JBNF members in-depth information that will benefit their business activity.

 Some of JBNF’s Business Networking Activities

Why Jerusalem Needs JBNF

Business networking success
Jerusalem needs JBNF as its business generator and accelerator By Dr. Uzi Mor The Jerusalem Business Networking Forum (JBNF), the biggest English-speaking business community in Israel, is the most effective Meetup and business community Israel has seen over the past 5 years. What does an effective meet-up mean? In order to answer such questions, we need to synchronize our expectations [...]

Positioning your Small Business or Startup

At JBNF Yochi-Slonim-Positioning-Your-Business

The video below is a recording of an inspiring and amusing presentation on Creating Competitive Advantage, made Presented by Yochi Slonim, Managing Partner, at a JBNF event on January 28, 2012 at the Jerusalem College of Technology. The contents of this presentation is relevant for people who own small businesses, who are in Startups, as well as people just starting [...]

A New Business Paradigm

JBNF and the new business paradigm

JBNF-Jerusalem’s new business paradigm
Join the JBNF revolution with a new business pardigm in Jerusalem! By Penina Taylor There’s an old quote from the movie “Field of Dreams”, which says “If you build it, he will come.” Here at JBNF, we are doing just that. We are building a new business paradigm for Jerusalem, which will not only draw new business to Jerusalem, but will [...]

I Want To Be My Own Boss

JBNF I want to be my own boss

“I want to be my own boss” is a phrase many people express. It occurs to me, as a business mentor, to simply ask why? Why are there so many people who seem to want to brave the difficulties of becoming independently self-employed? The typical answers range from, “you can make more money” or “it looks glamorous” or “it is [...]

Tips for Networking Effectively at JBNF Events

Business networking at jbnf

JBNF’s philosophy is that through networking people can achieve many of their goals. The JBNF Executive Committee does work to create a deals and connections between our members. However, many connections and business deals are made by JBNFers themselves during the networking sessions that occur prior to and just after our formal presentations each month. We recommend doing the following [...]

The Birth of JBNF

The birth of JBNF and business networking in Jerusalem

“Ask Joe.” When I first joined as a member of the Jerusalem Business Networking Forum (JBNF) back in 2010, whenever I had a question, that was always the answer I received. Joe Van Zwaren, a sociable and brilliant Jerusalem “oleh” is the founder of the Jerusalem Business Networking Forum. He has a background in high energy physics and optics and [...]