I Want To Be My Own Boss

Date: 09.02.2016 | General, Small Business

“I want to be my own boss” is a phrase many people express.

It occurs to me, as a business mentor, to simply ask why? Why are there so many people who seem to want to brave the difficulties of becoming independently self-employed? The typical answers range from, “you can make more money” or “it looks glamorous” or “it is more interesting” or “I just hate to work for someone”.

Everyone is entitled to their view.Nevertheless, the glamour and dreams are more often than not a pile of fairy dust. Setting up your own business can be far more complicated than you expect. As I point out to many clients, to start off, you are not only the CEO, but you have to do all of the grunt work too. You have to realise that it is your responsibility to do EVERYTHING for your own business and on time.

Not long ago, someone I know asked me to help her to make some decisions about her career path. With her talents and commercial experience, she was considering what professional path to take. There were many possible options. Maybe to continue as a partner in an existing enterprise that seems to be a deadend, or to consider a new employment opportunity, or to return to a previous profession, etc.

She went to various job interviews. However, in my role of business coach, I got her to put in words what she really wanted to do and in what framework.

The more we followed this avenue, the more she understood that where she was at was paramount to a ‘dream of dreams’. She woke up to the challenge of looking beyone to reach the full potential of her circumstances.

What she realised through my mentoring was that the fundamental issue was not just to become your own boss. Instead, a you must pin point what it is you want to do and what you are really good at. This approach is identified by mentors as becoming ‘ transparently aware’ of your vision, as well as your strengths and weaknesses.

This story is typical of the challenges faced by members of JBNF. The next stages in the business cycle for the client are not simple. That said, they have the passion to move ahead and they have the networking support of JBNF to turn to for more help.

JBNF MIchael Horesh

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