Singing in the Rain

Date: 09.02.2016 | General, Networking, Opportunities

Why Jerusalem Needs JBNF Right Now

By Alexandra Satok

JBNF Singing in the Rain

Jerusalem. The city where history, culture and innovation reside. Where difference is challenged, yet coexists in a special way. The city that captures what Israel is all about: respect for the past and progress for the future.

For the second time in seven years, Jerusalem is under fire. As a Canadian travelling to work for the Jerusalem Business Networking Forum (JBNF) for the summer, my first siren in Israel was an extremely surprising and traumatic experience. That one piercing noise awoke my most inner fears in the most paralyzing fashion. Just as I was ready to go home to Canada I began to witness the unique collective resilience and morale that brings this country together. Moreover, through this challenging time I am grateful for being able to see the full strength of Israel come to life. It has given me the strength to stay as well as new meaning to my work at JBNF. I now understand how necessary JBNF is to both Jerusalem and the Jewish state. Organizations like JBNF give the country a base to stand on during these more difficult times. JBNF specifically strengthens Jerusalem’s backbone by encouraging meaningful business development and economic sustainability.

Business people of Jerusalem, take advantage of this special and growing network. Each managing member contributes in a unique way but all are driven by one special and simple mission - a sustainable and strong Jerusalem. Each executive member with his or her own paying job gives their time, resources and passion to this single objective asking for nothing in return. Moreover, JBNF exists with the pure intent to create positive impact in Jerusalem. And guess what? It’s working.

In the past eight years at JBNF, there have been large and innovative contributions to Israel’s capital. Attend each JBNF meeting with your best ideas and an open-mind and you will surely make meaningful business connections. Not only will you build your own business, you will also help to build Jerusalem’s business ecosystem.

In the communal spirit of Israel, when motivated, passionate people come together extraordinary things get done. Start by making sure to attend our satellite conference at THE EVENT in Binyanei Umah on August 14th. With 10, 000 people are expected to attend the biggest Anglo-French Business event of the year, many exciting business contacts will surely be made here.

At this critical time in Israel, it is more important than ever that we band together and take initiative in strengthening our country’s capital. Please contact us if you want to help to contribute to the growing JBNF community.

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