Tips for Networking Effectively at JBNF Events

Date: 09.02.2016 | General, Networking

JBNF’s philosophy is that through networking people can achieve many of their goals.

The JBNF Executive Committee does work to create a deals and connections between our members. However, many connections and business deals are made by JBNFers themselves during the networking sessions that occur prior to and just after our formal presentations each month.

We recommend doing the following to get the very most from your JBNF experience:

Jerusalem Business Networking

  1. Put a short elevator pitch in the comment box when you RSVP for an event. Make sure you include what you have to offer and who you would like to meet at the next JBNF meeting.
  2. Make sure that your JBNF profile is up to date. We know that this is the best place to find members before or after an event, so make sure that you put your best foot forward here! Be sure to include a quality photo of yourself. We are sorry, but a photo of your dog or your adorable two-year-old (no matter how cute!) will not suffice. Make sure that your profile includes a short professional summary with your business focus and goals. Please also share with us how you can assist others. We think that some of the most valuable relationships and connections have come from those who are looking to give, not receive! Don’t forget to include a link to your LinkedIn profile, website and/or blog so that others can learn more about you (or make sure they have the right person)!
  3. Scan over the list of participants coming to the next JBNF event and contact potential business leads BEFORE the meeting. Once you have logged into the Meetup system, don’t forget that you can use the “send email” function found under a member’s name once you have clicked into their profile.
  4. “Work the crowd” During the informal JBNF networking sessions held both at the beginning and at the end of our events, do not spend a long time with one person. When you meet with someone relevant to your business, establish a relationship and then move to the next person. Give priority to those people that you have already established contact with before the JBNF event (see point 3 above).
  5. Bring business cards. While it will be possible for others to find you through the Meetup site or online later on, most of us like to have something tangible to take home. Please bring business cards or a pamphlet that clearly states what you do and that includes your contact details. We highly recommend a business card that has some blank space on it for writing notes.
  6. Branch out! Many of us are shy by nature and tend to hang out with the same crowd or gravitate towards friends we already know. It’s ok to say hi to a friend, but be sure to expand your social network by introducing yourself to at least one person you don’t know at each event! You never know who you might meet at JBNF…
  7. Want to get yourself out there? VOLUNTEER! As JBNF continues to grow, we are looking for talented and dedicated volunteers who will help us to carry forth our mission of helping Jerusalem-based businesses to grow and prosper. If you share our passion and our mission, please consider signing up for one of our volunteer posts found here (include hyperlink). We love enthusiastic people who love to help and you will definitely get your name out there! If you have any questions, please email Marna Becker at

Written by Joe Van Zwaren and Marna Becker

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