JBNF – The Forum

JBNF uses meetup.com for scheduling events. JBNF events cover a wide range of topics relevant to the business community. The speaker or panel provides quality information, but the meeting is used as an opportunity to network with other business people.  JBNF‘s success has grown from these meetings. Members come from all over Israel, not only the Jerusalem area, for these great business networking opportunities.

JBNF Event Scheduling site: http://www.meetup.com/JerusalemBNF/

Primary language: English


JBNF BioMed is a subgroup of JBNF that is for professionals in the BioMed and BioTech fields. Since Jerusalem is home to a large part of the Bio-Med research in Israel, JBNF BioMed is dedicated to bringing together people who have an interest in encouraging BioMed in Jerusalem.  JBNF BioMed also schedules events via meetup.com. JBNF BioMed meets approximately every two-three months.

Event Scheduling site: http://www.meetup.com/JBNF-BioMed/

Primary Language: Hebrew, English


Réseau d’entrepreneurs francophones en Israël (REFI) is a Jerusalem based network of French speaking entrepreneurs in Israel focused on business networking and accessing the Israeli market.

REFI site: http://refimagazine.com/

Primary language: French

Capital J

Capital J, the Jerusalem High Tech and Entrepreneurship Community, aims to create and nurture an atmosphere of innovation, creativity, collaboration and networking in Jerusalem. The community is meant for hi-tech employees, entrepreneurs, software engineers, investors, marketing and web experts, students and local tech savvies.

Capital J site: http://www.meetup.com/Capital-J/

Primary language: Hebrew

Jerusalem Chamber of Commerce

Site: http://www.jcoc.biz/

Primary language: Hebrew (but their staff includes people who speak various languages)

Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel

AACI provides a wide range of services and programs to meet the needs of its membership whether new immigrants or English-speaking long-time residents:

  • Professional counseling on Aliyah and Klitah (absorption)
  • Employment Resource Center
  • Emergency, mortgage and small business loans
  • Support groups
  • Advice Sessions: tax, banking, translation and more
  • Legal consultations
  • Blood bank privileges
  • The AACI Cohen Library for the Visually Impaired
  • Senior Outreach

Site: http://www.aaci.org.il/

Primary language: English