Some of our members have great information sites

JBNF Member Jacob Share is owned by JBNF Member Jacob Share. One of the most popular job search blogs in the world since 2007, JobMob is about bringing together job seekers and jobfinders to find jobs in Israel and all over the world. The blog is filled with straight-talking advice based on real world experience and lots of humor thrown in. Look for Jacob’s audio recording of some JBNF meetings here:


JBNF Member Sharon Altshul

The Real Jerusalem Streets,  is a photo blog started in September 2009 by Sharon Altshul, a Jerusalem-based professional photographer and photo-journalist.  Each week new photos are posted showing what is really happening on the streets of Jerusalem, Israel.  Sharon also blogs for the Times of Israel, and most recently, for and has been taking photos of JBNF events since joining in 2011.


JBNF Member Jacob Richman

JBNF Member Jacob Richman‘s sites have been on-line since April 24, 1996, and is one of the richest conglomerate of sites for information about Israel, educational topics, and more. Start with his home page: The sites include Hot Sites on a wide range of subjects, educational videos for learning Hebrew, and so much more.

Jacob also runs Computer Jobs in Israel, probably one of the first blogs in Israel that is focused in providing information on the computer jobs market in Israel:


JBNF Member Hillel Porath run by JBNF Member Hillel Porath, is a blog focused on lead generation, online marketing, business and entrepreneurship. Hillel is also the Online Marketing Director for the a site he helped launched in 2009.Four


JBNF Member Michael Horesh

Michael Horesh utilizes his knowledge and experience to write about two separate subjects – the economy of Israel and issues impacting on small enterprises – and fuse them together on his site, As a business mentor and coach in Israel, Michael comes in to contact with many different companies, coping with the Holy Land’s unique laws of economics. He invites people to read his blog with a cup of tea or coffee in hand and to see what they can apply to their own personal experiences.



Since making aliyah in September 2010, Caryn Lipson  shares the results of her quest to  find sources for healthy foods here in Israel, while acclimating to a new way of life. Caryn shares what she has learned about food, nutrition, and health not only from her recent discoveries, but from the vast knowledge she has acquired over the years, applying it as it relates to life in her new home. See her blog, Nourishing Israel.

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