Global Entrepreneurship Week Events (Nov 17-22, 2013) in Jerusalem

The official GEW site in Israel is and the global GEW site is In Jerusalem, Dream Big Jerusalem (Zeirei le Merkaz) , has coordinated with many business organizations and institutions of higher learning to have 18 events this week on entrepreneurship – in small business, youth entrepreneurship, Haredi Entrepreneurship, and lots of meeting with truly exciting entrepreneurs. On Thursday, there is even going to be a Jazz Opera doing a satire on the hi-tech world at the Beit Mazia house. You can see a film of this event on the GEW sites.

PICK AT LEAST ONE EVENT THIS WEEK AND GO OUT! Tell your friends and family about this

Global Entrepreneurship Week (Nov 17-24, 2013)

List of Events taking place in Jerusalem


Sunday, Nov 17, 2013

Event: 9:00 – 11:00

Yehudith Bronitsky, Ormat – Developing and Producing Renewable Energy Resources

Organizer: Temech Hub


in Hebrew

Event: 17:30 – 20:00 Tiffany Shlain – Staying connected and technology in the 21st century

Organizer: The American Center & SifTech


in English

Event: 18:30 – 21:00

TedxJLM Social Business Entrepreneurship and Connecting the Dots:

Rami Ozeri – International Artist – Choice and risks in Social Entrepreneurship

Agam Refaeli – Technologic Entrepreneurship as Entry door to the Arab world – It’s good for business and it’s good for security

Avishai Weyl – Founder of the Secular Yeshiva – Open and Pluralistic Jerusalem

Open House: Presentation of Presentense’s Entrepreneurial Programs for 2014

Organizer: Presentense, Hebrew University Student Association


in Hebrew


Monday, Nov 18, 2013

Event: 9:00 – 11:00

Launching of a new year of activities for Young Entrepreneurs

Uriel Shuraki – Better done than perfect

Adam Ben Gur – Tips for entrepreneurs given through case histories

Organizer: Azrieli College of Engineering


in Hebrew

Event: 19:00 – 21:00

TedxJLM There is Nothing like the Food Business

Reuven Beizer – The Story behind Mike’s Place

Yaniv Cohen – To sell or not to be in the food sector

Yaron Turgeman – Café Yoshua -The game of survival, Excellence, the challenges and the risks

Naama Levy – Your Business but not alone; the world of food franchising

Organizer: MATI – Jerusalem Center for Entrepreneurship


in Hebrew


Tues, Nov 19, 2013

Event: 17:45 – 20:30

Understanding the opposite sex in fundraising relationships

Organizer: Jerusalem Business Networking Forum JBNF


in English

Event: 19:00 – 20:40  20:40 – 22:00

TedxJLM – How I started my Start-up

Miriam Shwab – Illuminea

Jacob Ben David – Zula

Mark Gazit – Thetaray

Pitch night

Organizer: Siftech, Pico, MadeinJLM

in Hebrew


Wednesday, Nov 20, 2013

Event: 14:00 –

My Experience in Haredi Entrepreneurship

Racheli Ganot – founder and CEO, Rachip Ltd

Organizer: Haredi Hi-tech Forum


in Hebrew

Event: 18:00-21:00

IJCE Entrepreneurial Club invites 2 entrepreneurs:

Ori Choshen – VLX – Discovering America – Adventure Stories of Entrepreneurship

Eran Wagner – Gemini Ventures – The Entrepreneur – Investor Encounter

Organizer: Azrieli College of Engineering


in Hebrew

Event: 19:00 – 21:00

TedxJLM Design and Art Entrepreneurship

Hanan, Gelbendorf – Forget all what they taught you

Leo Liberman – Under your nose, from Competition to Establishment

Ronen Yitzhak – Cooperatives, Branding & Innovation

Boaz Bar Hillel – Everyone together and Everyone apart – the Jerusalem Center of Design

Organizer: Bezalel Student Association


in Hebrew


Thursday, Nov 21, 2013

Event: 14:00 –

Big Dreams: Youth and Entrepreneurs’ Conference – 5 Talks and a Rock Band

Avi Katz, Coffix – Breaking the Market’s prices: The way to a Revolution

Yariv Bash, SpaceIL – Israel on its way to the Moon, a Catalyst to Israel’s Scientific and Technological Education

Yishai Cohen – Age is no Barrier to Entrepreneurship

Yael Vizel, Zeekit – Women and Technology: Entrepreneurship and Consumerism

Yariv Ben Yehuda – A Rock Band as a Startup

Organizer: Tzeirim Bamerkaz – Jerusalem Young-Adults Center


in Hebrew


Sunday, Nov 24, 2013

Event: 17:30

Itzik Crombi, ISale Global – Entrepreneurship according to Halacha

Organizer: Haredi Hi-tech Forum


in Hebrew

Event: 20:30

Niv Fischer – Founder, Spiker Snail – Games and Entrepreneurship

Organizer: GamesDEVJLM, Jerusalem Startup Hub, Games IS, Spiker Snail


in Hebrew


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