All about branding-Making your business great again-w/top expert Jonathan Gabay

Date: 26.05.2017 |

JBNF presents

“It’s all about branding. Making your business great again, strategies, advertising and tactics”.

With Jonathan Gabay the top branding expert from the UK

“Fake News – Understanding its Roots and Protecting YOUR Brand’s Reputation”

Monday, March 27, 2017  with guest speaker, 

Jonathan Gabay, 

Author, lecturer, media commentator at Gabay (London,UK) 

Sponsored by the JCT – Lev Academic Center


Moderator: Michael Horesh, JBNF

Greetings - Dr Avi Kay, JCT Lev Academic Center

 Invited Speaker - Jonathan Gabay,Gabay</a> (London,UK)


“Fake News – Understanding its Roots and Protecting YOUR Brand’s Reputation”

Fake News casts a shadow of doubt over just about everything we read, hear and watch, it polarizes opinions, in an instant it can ruin reputations that have taken years to build…. all of which  presents serious implications in the world of business communications.

But what really is Fake News? What role does psychology play in Fake News?  How has some of history’s darkest moments helped shape today’s manipulation of the masses?  Can tech and social media giants legitimately police the Tweets from the truth?  Most importantly what effective steps can your organisation take if it falls victim to Fake News?

 Seating is limited to a first come, first served basis. 

RVSP to reserve your place.  There is a 20 NIS entrance fee to the event.  

About the speaker: 

Jonathan Gabay

Author, lecturer, media commentator at <a href=””>Gabay

Gabay provides valuable marketing, PR and psychological branding insights for global news outlets. He advises major organisations in the UK and Europe including leading business organisations in sectors ranging from finance and tech to FMCG and B2B.

Jonathan Gabay – talking on his latest best selling book on neuromarketing – Brand Psychology – discussing aspects of subliminal and cause marketing – including how ISIS cynically turns its evil propaganda into causes

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