The people listed below have made the construction of the JBNF website possible. Many thanks to them all!!

Avigail Frij serves as JBNF‘s webmaster. Together with the team, she has been the main force in developing the JBNF website.


Content writing:

Marna Becker a member of the JBNF Board

Joe van Zwaren a member of the JBNF Board

Michael Horesh a member of the JBNF Board

Penina Taylor – a spokesperson for JBNF and is an author, coach, social entrepreneur and international speaker. She lives in Israel but regularly travels to speak on spiritual, motivational and business topics. Penina can be contacted at

Avigail Frij a member of the JBNF Board


Advanced WordPress Expertise:

Marc Gottlieb – began his career in web development in 1996. He focuses on providing niche marketing and technology solutions for businesses with interests in Israel and the United States. He provides quality services in a variety of interrelated fields, including computers, graphic design, marketing, networking and copy writing. His work history includes an international ISP, a leading worldwide financial institution, a dot-com, and a major New York energy utility.You can view samples of his work at



Sharon Altshul of

Haim Frij of

Asher Fine of

Avigail Frij a member of the JBNF Board and who take photos; especially when no one else does.



Haim Frij of

Marco Pariente-Cohen of JCT


Video Editing:

Haim Frij of

Graphics and Logo Design:

Tana Frij of



Jonathan Reichman – Motivational Coaching at