Jerusalem Business Networking Forum – JBNF was built by a team of volunteers and we would like to continue on with that tradition. We need a few people with special expertise to help take JBNF to the next level.

If you are also passionate about building Jerusalem-based businesses and can lend a few hours to help expand JBNF’s ability to help our membership, we could use your help right now!

If you volunteer, you will be recognized publicly for your efforts.


 We are looking for the following individuals:

PHP Programmer – We are in the process of building the NEW JBNF website in phases. We need to get the first phase up and running and need someone who can help us for a few hours.

Event Planners – We would like to hold a few special events during the next few months and would appreciate a hand from anyone with experience planning events.

Public Relations Specialists – This is for someone who is truly excited about JBNF and wants to share our mission with the world! We are looking to hit the main media outlets in Hebrew, English, Spanish, French, and Russian (If you speak another language and can help, we want to hear from you too!). If you have media contacts or some time to assist with our public relations efforts in any language, please be in touch.

Hebrew/French/Spanish/Russian Writers and Social Media Specialists – We would like to reach out to more Hebrew speakers, and also require someone with experience with social media in these three additional languages.

Hebrew/French/Spanish Translators – Since we are starting a new year, it’s time to start with some new projects. We need to translate our materials into Hebrew, French, Spanish and Russian, and are working on translation for our website in addition to other uses.

Sponsorship Committee Members – Love JBNF and want to keep seeing us do what we do, but on an even bigger scale? Consider joining our Sponsorship Committee. In order to keep bringing you quality events and too kick-start some new initiatives, we need to seek out sponsors! If you can help contact appropriate companies and businesses for this purpose, then we are looking for you!


Want to help?

Please contact us below: When writing to us, please share with us your area of expertise and approximately how much time you can give us.

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