This is a great organization. Absolutely recommended for anyone interested in doing business in Jerusalem.

— Jeremy Ben-David – Managing Partner of JMB, Factor & Co. Patent & Trademark attorneys


Business skills in this group range from novice to super star. The energy is positive, serious and assertive. Every meeting gives you new ideas to take home and chew on.

— Nofyah Shem Tov, Photographer, Marketing-Food Industry



I would like to express my gratitude and admiration for JBNF – Jerusalem Business Networking Forum. It is a wonderful way to bring good people together, business and technical, olim and vatikim, and to form a vast pool of resources, ideas, and mutual help.

As a concrete example, one small post of yours on behalf of my company brought me more than 10 responses in less than 48 hours, all from highly qualified and impressive people, possibly leading to investment in my company.

Many thanks, and keep going!
— Dr. Gregory Toker, Electro-Optical Physicist, Amsys Ltd.



 JBNF are true to their name. This is the place to put your networking skills to practice whether for finding business partners, investors, customers and jobs – it is all happening here. Great opportunities for those who seek.

— Gilad Newman, Training Consultant, Dale Carnegie Training of Israel



I learn a lot from the meetings, and I have made business contacts through the networking opportunities that the forum facilitates. In fact, I found my first client at my first meeting of the forum, after having opened my business only a couple of weeks previously. So Kudos to this group and its organizers!!
— Debi Zylbermann, Website Promotion (SEO) & Software Quality Assurance



 JBNF has grown to a remarkable communication hub not only for Jerusalem but as a fully valid member of the vital Israel High Tech scenery. In only 3 meetings in which I have participated JBNF and its ever pushing promoter Joe Van Zwaren has connected us to one major US investment group and to a highly connected network of healthcare providers and connected politicians, both on federal and state level; the latter now entering into business cooperation with us for The Americas. I found my ideal lawyer for the US also through JBNF. Comparing the effectiveness of events to other more and longer established events in the Tel Aviv area I must state that – taken from my personal experience – JBNF effectiveness rate measured on going out from such events with new, tangible contacts, is close to 50% if not even higher. Kudos to you.

— Dr. Gunter Pollanz, CEO, Cepco Holding Ltd.



Providing excellent networking opportunities, the Jerusalem Business Networking Forum is a real asset to the Jerusalem business community.
— Yisrael Woolf,  Technical Communicator



Excellent platform for anyone in any business field in Israel that wants to find new clients, business partners, or a new career.
— Hananel Gez, Interent Entrepreneur



I’ve been a member of this group for nearly two years now and find it helpful in making new business contacts here in Jerusalem. The format of these meetups give great opportunity for networking.
— David Sigal, Mobile Applications Startup



After last night, not only was that my first networking event, it wont be my last…Thank you to all that listened, shared and offered advice. I am grateful. I hope I can do more to help others too. B’hatzlacha to all.

— Shefa Orah, Marketing & Customer Service Professional



Really good, well attended, and got to meet over 30 potential clients.
—Morty Cohen,  US Tax Specialist



It was a really special night-the energy is still with me. I can’t help but want to share it with all of the business people I meet and demonstrate how this group can help you grow your businesses!
— Yael Kaner, Doula/Chef and Educator



The Jerusalem Business Networking Forum is performing an important business networking function particularly for the Anglo community but not for this community alone. Non-Anglos also attend. The information provided in the presentations has been useful. These networking events are a super way of connecting with a lot of people in a short period of time.
— Shaya Kelter, Insurance Agent, Goldfus Insurance



Last night was my first time attending a JBNF event. I had a wonderful time meeting so many young professionals. Thank you to the organizers of the event and a special thank you to the wonderful presenters. The event was quite successful and I look forward to attending future JBNF events.
— Karen Kuba, Forensic Accounting/ Corporate Investigations


JBNF-Member-Goel -Itzchak

JBNF is a superb business networking forum which launched me into my new business bringing Canadian agro-technology to Israel. As an Israeli kibbutznik, I also found my partner, a native English speaking business development expert who complements me perfectly in this start-up,

— Goel Itzchak



If you’re looking to connect with other like-minded professionals and enlarge your network, JBNF is definately a group to join.
— Marc Cirlin, Marketing & Sales, HiTechCare



I’ve been working in my current job (SEO and internet marketing) for over 3 years now, and it started at a JBNF meetup. I ended up sitting near the woman who is now my boss, and listening to her tell someone else what she does and that she’s looking for an intern because she has too much work for her to manage on her own. Mustering up my courage, I approached her later and told her that I had heard her say she was looking for an intern, and I might be interested because her line of work sounds appealing. We exchanged phone numbers, and… three years later… I’m happy to be working in a profession in which I’m constantly learning new skills … Thanks, JBNF!
— Aviva Blumstein, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Professional



It was my first meeting. I met some really wonderful people. I knew it was a great opportunity to go to this meeting. The opportunities and networking far exceeded my expectations.

— Gideon Lyons, Marketing Management & MARCOM Professional