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JBNF in the Jerusalem Post, In Jerusalem Magazine, July 22, 2011


Entrepreneur and inventor Uzi Mor of Rehovot decided to launch a financial-social network matching lenders to Israeli projects through a peer-to-peer system, and in January 2010 he presented his idea to a meeting of the Jerusalem Business Networking Forum.


JBNF’s 1,000 members have aided each other over the past four years to the tune of $25 million in deals and 100 job placements.

“About a year later, I got an e-mail from a JBNF member saying that someone in Seattle was looking for me based on that lecture,” says Mor. “His teenage daughter wanted to invest via financial social networking in Israel…“The chain of connections started at the JBNF,” he stresses. “This didn’t happen to me at any of the other groups I attend each month, and I am a member of at least five similar meet-ups.” Mor is one of the few native Israeli members of JBNF, which caters heavily to both…Read more…


בא נעשה ביזנס

(Come Let’s Do Business)

JBNF in Yidiot Aharonot, Yidiot Yerusalaim section, August 10, 2012


Pictured to the left (r-l) are Avi Salmon and members of the JBNF Executive, Avigail Frij, Joe van Zwaren,  and Michael Horesh

(Article is in Hebrew)

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