What is JBNF?


The brainchild of entrepreneur and visionary Joe Van Zwaren, the Jerusalem Business Networking Forum – JBNF- was founded in 2006 to facilitate the growth and advocacy for Jerusalem-based businesses. JBNF has grown at an astounding rate during its first five years, and boasts more than 1,700 members who have benefited from our events and services. More than $25 million in business deals have taken place as a direct result of JBNF activities and more than 100 people have found employment through the forum. A significant number of our members reported that they made their first professional business deal through JBNF.

Our Goal

The goal of JBNF is to grow and assist Jerusalem-based business owners and employees in order to establish Jerusalem as a major economic center. Our goal over the next 5 years is to grow to 5,000 members and create more than $500 million of new business for residents of the city of Jerusalem.


How are we going to achieve our goals?


JBNF holds approximately one meeting per month, with most of our meetings held at Machon Lev – Jerusalem College of Technology. Our meetings focus around one of four major activities:

1) Meetings with prominent figures in the Israeli business world and/or the Israeli government

2) How – to sessions on topics as diverse as marketing, import/export, business development, and best practices.

3) Special sessions with notable speakers from the international business world.

4) Our Mega-Networking Events- In a type of “speed-dating” setting, new business relationships are formed and connections are made in the blink of an eye. Three or four business development or networking specialists provide key information to help you make the most of your networking experience. Topics covered range from perfecting your elevator pitch to establishing your reputation in your field, to properly following up with contacts AFTER a networking event.